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"I met Martha and her thoroughbred Lola at a facility we were both boarding at.  I thought, just another equine Canada coach working in the narrow constraints of how Equine Canada liked things done.  I was very wrong! Martha constantly looks to

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learn from some of the more more sensible and sensitive clinicians around the world, who encourage us to seek connection with our horses, not just ride and train them. Martha has been working with horse Lola to understand what are Lola's stressors and how to mitigate them.  Also, Martha lets Lola know that she (Martha) gets "it".  Martha's path and mine intercepted on some really similar thoughts on gaining connection and taking the time to listen to our horses, connect with them, and are mindful of their psychological needs from their human partners."


“Quest Farm is a comfortable and relaxed place to learn the best caring for Horses”


“Martha is simply amazing, an excellent horse educator”


We are eagerly awaiting your arrival, make the call  — take the drive– and let us share our hospitality.


Wow, was I busy when I was younger! Not only did I run a successful riding school and boarding stable for 20 years in Pembroke, Ontario (Spruce Ridge Equicentre), I spent 25 years in the Canadian Armed Forces, including three deployments to Afghanistan.  In 2015, I thought I was ready for retirement so I sold the stable and bought a townhouse.  I retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in 2018. 

I am a certified competition coach, and at Spruce Ridge I developed riders through the Equine Canada program up to and including Rider Level 8 and successfully mentored people through their Equine Canada Instructor certification. My riders competed at the grassroots, provincial and national levels in dressage and jumping. I was an active competitor in dressage and jumping at provincial shows.

An interesting thing happened.  Without the hectic pace of balancing my military career with riding, coaching and showing, I caught my second wind.  The expansion of the internet and social media opened up so many doors on how to develop a relationship with horses.   I was hooked! And then I combined my relationship with horses into my already extensive horsemanship, riding and coaching skills and the difference in my horses and my riders is huge.

I felt rejuvenated and ready to coach again.

I was not happy about having to board my horses at different stables to make sure they were managed in a way to keep them happy.

So the writing was on the wall, time for me to come out of retirement and get my own farm again.  So the hunt for Quest Farm was on!

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