The educational farm visits start on May 1! The farm visits will take between 60 to 90 minutes.

Not your average way to meet animals! Not a petting zoo!

During the tour, you will see where the animals live and how they are cared for. Then we will go out to the paddocks to visit them in their surroundings. The llama (Louis); alpacas (Gussie, Tito and Olaf);sheep (Daisy and Dodger); goats (Tessa, Tucker, Abby, Midge); pigs (Lenny, Squiggly), calf (Timothy); horses (Lola, Julien) and mini ponies (Noir, Charlie).

They are friendly enough they will come over to you in their paddocks. No hand feeding or treats though..they get like children fighting for the most! But if you want to bring carrots, lettuce, etc for the animals, I will make sure they get it at feeding time.

You will find out a little bit about the animals in general, then I will talk about these animals in particular! Each has their own personality and story to tell and their own personalities!

This is a working farm, so wear your boots! No groomed trails here!

We are going into the animals paddock-the ground is uneven so this is not suitable for a stroller or people with limited mobility. But if you email me, we can set up a private tour where I will bring the animals to you!

Tours will be starting before the automated scheduling app is functional, so please email me your reservation. Reservations will not be confirmed without payment. Please use for the e-transfer. Cost per person $10.00 (includes HST), children under 5, $5.00.

Please do not show up without an appointment. The tour times are scheduled for YOU and I make sure you have my undivided attention. At other times, I am taking care of the animals, or training animals, or riding, or teaching, and those activities need my time too.

Tours are scheduled Monday to Friday at 5:30 pm and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 1:30.