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Our attraction to the horse is often based upon a romantic image of a noble horse, and us working in seamless partnership.  That may be where the dream starts, but there are practicalities of working with horses.  These animals speak a different language than we do.  We need to understand their language as we develop a safe partnership.

Introductory Program

This 4 week introductory progressive program starts you on your quest to learn about relationships with horses and safe horsemanship. At your own pace you learn horse handling and brushing skills. Or maybe spending more time with the sheep, goats or pigs is more your style.  The introductory program can be used with any of my animals!
At the end of the 4 week program you will be able to safely and comfortably handle a trained horse, including basic brushing and messaging of the horse. You would also be comfortable handling any of my other animals! Have you ever gone for a walk with sheep or goats?!
At the end of the 4 week program, sign up to be a friend, enthusiast or partner with the Quest Farm animals you know.  Have fun, find your zen moments and relax without the cost and commitment of owning!
Friend- Visit weekly on your schedule, during the week days, weekends or evenings.  It’s your time to connect and enjoy!
Enthusiast-Visit up to three times per week; week days, weekends or evenings.  This time investment is perfect for you if you want to develop and work on new skills.  Additional training, such as riding lessons, liberty lessons, or driving lessons are additional investments.  For example, you want to be an enthusiast and ride.  You will need to take riding lessons to ensure you are safe while riding unsupervised.  Perhaps you will have one riding lesson per week and two visits.  Or maybe one liberty lesson and two practices. The combinations will be what makes the time with your animal friends special to you.
Partner-This is for the person who knows that time with the animals is their ultimate self care. Visit up to 5 times per week.  Safely interact with the horses or animals, enjoying your journey into (maybe) riding, liberty, etc.


Don’t have your own horse?  This course is for you!
Only have an hour a week?  This course is for you!


Horses are big and you are nervous of them?  No problem, look at little Charlie.  He is smaller than my goats!
What kind of special equipment do you need?  Only closed toed boots or shoes!
Have a friend, child, partner that you think this would be fun to do with? Talk to me about the semi private package!

At the end of the 4 week program, maybe you see yourself interested in continuing to be involved with horses.  Could be as a rider, could be driving, could be liberty, could be clicker training. Did you know that clicker training works on other animals?

Let’s talk about this during the Introductory Program~ See you there !

$170/ hr (incl. HST)

  • This includes one hour of private instruction and an introductory package of a lead rope, brushes and a Quest Farm journal.
    Sign up now for 2022!  Contact me now to confirm your spot~

Duration 4 week Program

Could the lucky rider be you?

  • The facilities are still under construction, therefore I am currently only accepting riders who will 1/2 lease one of my personal horses.

Julien.  A well trained dressage horse.  We are schooling 3rd level and competing 2nd level at a couple of Silver shows. This horse is a friendly pampered diva and likes it that way!







Lola.  A green hunter/jumper. She is off the track but quiet.  I have ridden and hacked her in a halter and lead rope.  But she has an engine.  She was one of the reasons for my interest in the relationship training.  She was obedient  but did not connect to me like Julien did.  I want that connection.  She has schooled over low jumps but I have most of my time over poles here…it is unsafe to jump by yourself.  So I don’t.

  • My most successful learning curve was working with trainers where we developed a training plan for long term goal.  There were a series of successive short term steps to get me there.  Each step had a number of exercises.  I would practice and when I felt that I had achieved sufficient improvement either as a “quality control check” or ready to move on, I would have another lesson.  The coaches were always available for discussion if required.  Usually it would take somewhere around 5 or 6 rides before I felt I had achieved the consistency I want to move on.  The key is to make the changes a  habit.  In retrospect, having multiple lessons per week, or even weekly lessons, sometimes didn’t create the rock solid foundation.  There is a lot of pressure on coaches, on riders and on horses for steady improvement when the lessons are too close together.  Maybe your horse was lame, maybe you only rode once that week, maybe you thought that your horse needed a break so you did some ground work or hacking.
For safety’s sake, jumping needs a slightly different twist.  But there are still so many exercises you can do over poles on the ground to practice turns and broken lines, increase and decrease in stride length, jumping on an angle, narrow poles to practice jumping straight.  If you regularly do those, then weekly jumping lessons make sense.
I am looking to coach like minded people who have the self discipline necessary to work towards a goal.  If this sounds like you, give me a call!


"I met Martha and her thoroughbred Lola at a facility we were both boarding at.  I thought, just another equine Canada coach working in the narrow constraints of how Equine Canada liked things done.  I was very wrong! Martha constantly looks to

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learn from some of the more more sensible and sensitive clinicians around the world, who encourage us to seek connection with our horses, not just ride and train them. Martha has been working with horse Lola to understand what are Lola's stressors and how to mitigate them.  Also, Martha lets Lola know that she (Martha) gets "it".  Martha's path and mine intercepted on some really similar thoughts on gaining connection and taking the time to listen to our horses, connect with them, and are mindful of their psychological needs from their human partners."


“Quest Farm is a comfortable and relaxed place to learn the best caring for Horses”


“Martha is simply amazing, an excellent horse educator”