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This list of Facebook pages contribute to my personal and professional growth.  While I am not a plus sized english or western rider, how can I effectively mentor or teach someone if I don’t know their fears and concerns? So I follow the posts and become more empathetic.
As a rider, coach, person and competitor, I need the right mindset to be successful, in however I have defined success.  As rider, I need to be grateful for each effort the horse gives me while I am training him. A horse is not a robot.  I need to see and understand when a horse has just tried to understand what I am asking (after all, we speak a different language) and makes that small move in the direction I want.
As a person, my life is more tranquil when I grateful for what life brings me.  As a coach, I am more successful when I can celebrate the baby step wins of my riders.  Some of these facebook pages help me learn, help me smile, help me understand.
western plus sized
aging horsewomen

…and other Great Encouraging FB page Links below:

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